Sugar Grove Medallion has been hidden

By on June 7, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The sixth annual Corn Boil Medallion Hunt is on. This year’s medallion has been hidden within Sugar Grove Township. The person who finds the medallion will be recognized during the Sugar Grove Corn Boil 2013 opening ceremonies, scheduled to take place on Friday, July 26. The victor will also receive a $50 cash prize.

Clues as to the medallion’s whereabouts will be available in the Elburn Herald between Thursday, June 6, Thursday, July 26 (or until the medallion is found). Clues will also be posted weekly on Thursdays, beginning June 6, on the Sugar Grove Corn Boil Website,

The medallion is not hidden on private residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property. It is not hidden on a golf course, in a cemetery or on church property. It is not buried. It is not located under water or in a building. It is not located in a hazardous area, and tools will not be required to locate it.

The Sugar Grove Corn Boil Committee requests that participants respect all property as they look for the medallion. If you find the medallion, make contact with the designated person as directed in the information found with the medallion. Have a happy medallion hunt.

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Sugar Grove Corn Boil: where friends and family come together to have fun. The upcoming Corn Boil will mark the 46th anniversary of this annual event. The Corn Boil is a volunteer-run community event featuring three family-friendly and fun-filled days.