Sinkholes brought to SG’s attention

By on June 7, 2013

by Dave Woehrle
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday was informed of the presence of several sinkholes in the Windsor Point subdivision.

Resident Gayle Deja-Schultz said there are six sink holes in her neighborhood.

“Some are almost 6 feet deep,” Deja-Schultz said. “What is the repair status here? Since school’s been out, they’ve been a new attraction for kids. I saw one kid climb into one, and he almost disappeared. That’s how deep they are.”

Public Works Director Tony Speciale commented on the sinkholes.

“We have repaired some in that subdivision. We put up barricades. This goes back to certain infrastructure issues,” Speciale said. “I didn’t know we had that many (sinkholes).”

Deja-Schultz said some neighbors were taking matters into their own hands, using wood palettes to cover the holes. She said the improvised barricades were attracting even more kids.

“I’m surprised you guys didn’t know about this,” she said.

Village Attorney Steve Andersson encouraged immediate action.

“I would say that short-term solutions, such as using plywood and palettes to cover the holes, are the wrong way to go,” he said. “This gives a false sense of safety. We need a long-term solution.”

Deja-Schultz said all of the sinkholes were on the parkway, many near fire hydrants and sewer drainages. She said police caution tape was around many of the sink holes, but that more could be done.

“There are many barricades in place already,” Speciale said. “The storm sewers could be the problem due to recent heavy rains. We will certainly follow up on it.”