Anderson Animal Shelter seeks foster homes for kittens

By on April 30, 2009

Anderson Animal Shelter is seeking foster homes to help care for approximately 300 kittens that come into the shelter every spring and summer. Foster homes take in the kittens to socialize them, and sometimes act as human moms and dads, until they are old enough to be adopted. Without these foster parents, the shelter is limited as to how many kittens can be helped each year.

Anderson Animal Shelter provides all veterinary care and medicine for foster animals and support to foster care volunteers. The shelter is also looking for foster homes for puppies, and adult dogs and cats who might be recovering from a medical issue or need extra socialization before being placed up for adoption.

Call (847) 697-2880 ext. *28 or e-mail

The shelter is located at 1000 S. La Fox Road (Route 31) in South Elgin and has business hours everyday except for Wednesdays.