MP Board discusses purchase of iPads

By on June 21, 2013

MAPLE PARK—The Maple Park Village Board at its Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday discussed the possibility of purchasing electronic devices to aid with board meetings and to cut the costs of paper copies.

The board discussed prices for iPads. Village Clerk Peerboom said that she found a price quote at Sam’s Club for $394 each.

Trustees would also purchase insurance on the iPads at $39.85 for three years.

“I truly have a problem when I have to look residents in the face (and say) ‘No, your sidewalk’s not getting fixed,’ and now we’re not going to be able to do this,” Village President Kathy Curtis said. Trustee Debra Armstrong agreed.

Trustee Terry Borg argued that the board could save the village money over the long term by less time spent on organizing paper agendas and on multiple copies on paper. The photocopy vendor counts copies made in the office and charges for copies made.