SG board honors 2 residents

By on June 21, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday gave proclamations of appreciation to residents Stan Schumacher and Lil Adams for their community service.

President Sean Michels read the proclamations, which gave an overview of their volunteer work.

Schumacher served 28 years at the Sugar Grove Community House, spearheading youth sports programs such as the Northern Illinois Thunder Softball Team. He’s known for his love of nature and his work to outfit the Community House with ample trees and landscaping features.

Adams served at the Sugar Grove Community House for 36 years, and oversaw numerous projects and Community House improvements. Michels noted during the proclamation that Adams shoveled snow and maintained the building so it was always open for use with scout meetings, weddings, and luncheons.

“Adams is a true example of the spirit of voluneteering,” Michels said.

Schumacher and Adams received standing ovations from those at the meeting.

Schumacher said he was honored for the recognition.

“I appreciate all the years I’ve spent working at the community house,” he said. “The young adults group has especially been rewarding. We’ve got some good people on the board who will continue to think of it as their home, as we always did.”

Board trustee Robert Bohler said Schumacher and Adams put forth the most efforts on behalf of local youth.

“You guys really created the Park District programs for all these years,” Bohler said. “A lot of memories were created. The community appreciates those memories.”