Editorial: Happy Independence Day

By on July 4, 2013

The Fourth of July. It’s a holiday that celebrates America’s independence, and it also serves as the ideal time to give in to our pyromaniac tendencies and light off some fireworks (safely, of course). It’s a day to get together with friends and family and suffer through oppressive heat and humidity while enjoying the finer things in life: cookouts, baseball, soccer, swimming, boat rides, etc. The term “summer” encompasses the bulk of three months, but no day within that time frame encompasses “summer” like July 4. It is the most identifiable holiday of the season, and rightfully so.

The Fourth of July is a holiday dressed up in red, white and blue, stars and stripes. But it’s easy to overlook just why America celebrates on July 4 each and every year: It was 237 years ago that America’s founding fathers put forth a statement declaring that the 13 American colonies would cease to be part of the British Empire and instead become actual states. Thus, July 4 is a day that represents the right of freedom in America; a day where we celebrate our independence as a country. And there’s a reason why many rights movements and campaigns have cited the Declaration of Independence as a prime source of inspiration: its signing is the ultimate example of a group taking a unified stand with the conviction that its beliefs were right and deserved to be acknowledged.

So enjoy this Independence Day with the knowledge it’s a holiday meant to celebrate America’s existence and its citizens’ right to enjoy freedom. And whatever activities you choose to partake in this Fourth of July, please make sure that they are of the safe variety. It’s what our founding fathers would’ve wanted.