Community Corner: Many hands make the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival a success

By on August 1, 2013

by Maria Dripps-Paulson
Executive director, Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival

Fourteen years ago, the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival (KCFAF) was produced by two Kaneland elementary art teachers who received approximately $200 from their parent-teacher organizations in order to hire artists and musicians to present the arts to families within the school district.

That two-hour arts celebration has grown into the largest event that the Kaneland School District produces annually, bringing in about 3,000 patrons in a seven-hour span.

Anyone who has attended a performance produced by the KCFAF would have been witness to the people working behind the scenes to make each event a success. This fine group of over 150 volunteers is led by Volunteer Coordinator Laura McPhee, who is not only friendly and positive, but a leader who matches willing and sometime unwilling people to the perfect job.

On behalf of the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival and Laura McPhee, it is a pleasure to thank these amazing people by name for their time and dedication to the Kaneland Community: Karen Heinicke, Kit Compton, Nicole Cortino, Anna Lopatin, Cathy Shaver, Spencer Serwin, Carol Alfrey, Cory Nordine, Sue LaSalle, Jo Ann Krueger, Rebecca Hof, Teresa Arnold, Bill Mitchinson, Sara Mitchinson, Stephen Hommowun, Tammy Eckstrom, Denise Blaszynski, John Purnell, John Purnell Jr., Becky Cormier, Anne DiSandro, Nicole DiSandro, Trisha Mills, Betsy Mills, Caitrin Mills, Natalie Mills, Steve Mills, Britt Mattern, Sarah Burke, Jacqueline McClellan, Nicole McClellan, Robyn Lycan, Valerie Massa,Shannon Clair, Ally McPhee, Kayley McPhee, Alan McPhee, Noah Treadway, Edward Swiderski, R.J. Herra, Robert Pettry, Rhyanna Pettry, Kyle Roethemeier, Joe Blaszynski, Kate Blaszynski, Tim Hommowun, Lindsey Skoney, Ben Lopatin, Trish Main, Emma Stubitsch, Tom Kirkland, Lori Poczekaj, Mildred Dorwaldt, Colleen Ryan, Joann Murdock, Maria Dripps-Paulson, B. Tryon, Deanna Cates, Bailey Cates, Bob Cates, Laura Baker, Heidi Gilkey, Shannon Gilkey, Lori Grant, Nika Plattos, Brett Evola, Ingrid Luse, Ryan Koeppen, Sam Villano, Beau Ott, Sally McClellan, Rita Johnson, Philip Dripps, Teresa Witt, Scott Witt, Erica Witt, Ethan Witt, Elliot Witt, Myra Sampson, Jenny Sampson-Trynoski, Kyra Trynoski, Alex Herbert, Abigail Heinicke, Peter Lopatin, Diane McFarlin, Beth McDonald, Charlene Ryan, Emily VanDelinder-Birchfield, Sandra Edwards, Chris Carlson, Amber Urich, Kalani Tovar, Jordan Wolf, Aaron Zanis, Beth Miller, Madeline Hoskinson, Sabrina Massa, Jennifer Matias, Christian Andrzejewski, Rachel Benson, Lisa LeMaire, Ben Mitchinson, Mace Jendruczek, Jillian Mitchinson, Ysabelle Simbol, Gloria Swain, Charia Bolden, Heather Schaaf, Ally Mitchinson, Debbie Clifford, Julie Meyer, Jim Frigolett, Paige Wagner, Nicole Partipilo, Lucas Sauber, Steve LeMaire, Jordan Wolf, Susan Hurst, Dana Davies, Lisa Rodriguez, Cameron Pieczynski, Jon Turyna, Patrick Turyna, Jim Tockstein, Demi Graham, Pattie Pattermann, Paige Krueger, Jess Woodward, Maureen Gattorna, Grace Gattorna, Colleen Grigg, Athina Gerodias, Kevin Kassinger, Mason Pieczynski, Katie Hunt, Eileen Ruppel, Dymond Lesak, Shevon Ramirez, Susan Hazen, Natalie Hazen, Buki Ayegbusi, Laurel Anderson, Regan Healy, Kevin Healy, Katilyn Dukes-Martinez, Corey Beck, Connor McGinnis, and Wendy Beck.

With the amount of volunteers, we are hopeful that no name was missed, and thankful for anyone who helped this year. This month marks the 15th season of the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival, and we look forward to a fabulous year of showcasing the arts.

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