Utility bill increases in June

By on April 30, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
The village increased its water and sewer rates for the first time in six years in 2008. At that time, Sugar Grove Finance Director Justin VanVooren said additional increases of that size would be necessary this year and next year.

According to VanVooren, fixed costs, money owed for capital projects such as wells number 8 and number 9, and the water treatment system to eliminate radium from the water supply, is the primary reason for the need for the increases.

The village is currently repaying low-interest loans from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for these projects, as well as money borrowed when the village hooked on with the Fox Metro system in 1998.

The village’s refuse contract will experience a higher-than-expected annual increase this fiscal year of 3.8 percent versus the budgeted 3 percent. According to VanVooren, even with the increase, the residents’ rates will still be less than the village actually pays per household.

The board also approved several increases in the water meter permit and inspection fees and to a number of fines for compliance tickets.

Heads up
Sugar Grove residents will see increases in their utility rates with their June 1 bill from the village. The rates go into effect with the beginning of the new fiscal year on May 1.

Resident utility rates
Current fee New Fee
Water rates
$6.92 $7.40
+$2.57 per +$2.75 per
1,000 gals 1,000 gals

Sewer rates
$7.57 $8.10
+$2.58 per +$2.76 per
1,000 gals 1,000 gals

Refuse rates
$17.75 $18.75