SG Village Board approves intergovernmental agreement with IDOT

By on August 23, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday voted to authorize an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

This agreement is subject to attorney review but would essentially be an improvement project for Dugan and Granart roads. The cost of the project could be as much as $4 million. The village will front the amount and then be reimbursed by IDOT.

According to Village President Sean Michels, many commuters outside of Sugar Grove drive to the intersection in the morning and evening.

“There (are) traffic delays because of the location of that intersection to the railroad tracks and to Route 30,” Michels said. “So, by improving this intersection, it’ll help the commuter traffic that flows through that intersection.”

Michels acknowledged that the improvement will not facilitate “free flow” of traffic, but will be an improved rating compared to its current state.

The project is supposed to increase safety by there being a greater distance between the railroad tracks and the intersection.

“Right now there is some concern that people can get caught on the railroad tracks between a red light and a train coming,” Michels said.

Michels said the improvements will allow for more efficient traffic movements.

“Right now, people anticipate the car is going to turn right onto Granart, and let’s say (it’s) in the evening, and instead (the car goes) straight. And there’s a potential for an accident,” Michels said.

The Village Board agreed to have TADI do the engineering services for the two roads. They will analyze the traffic flow and come up with a plan to improve the intersection.

“It could be just as simple as moving the intersection to the south so it lines up with Bucktail (Lane),” Michels said. “Or it could be as radical as putting in a roundabout where cars don’t stop—they get into a traffic pattern and circle the roundabout and get out where they want.”

The engineering service cost is $228,400; IDOT will reimburse the village the amount.

The project is hoped to be completed by next year but expected to be completed by 2016, just in time for the LPGA International Crown, which will take place at Rich Harvest Farms on Dugan Road.

“We want to be able to accommodate that traffic so that we can make a perpetual tournament that comes to Sugar Grove every two years after 2016,” Michels said.