School Board discusses ACT scores

By on August 31, 2013

KANELAND—The Kaneland School Board on Monday received news regarding the Kaneland High School class of 2013’s ACT scores.

This is the first year that the results showed comprehensive student data that incorporated students that received extra time to finish the test.

According to Erika Schlichter, Kaneland director of Educational Services for grades 6-12, the average composite score was 21.1, and there were increases in almost all sub-test areas.

“I think it’s a positive news story,” Kaneland Superintendent Jeff Schuler said.

An ACT College Readiness Letter reported five-year trends. The 2013 graduates had 350 Kaneland students who took the ACT. The average English score was 20.4 compared to the 2012 graduates having 20.6; math was 21.2 compared to 20.9; reading stayed the same at 21.0; science increased to 21.1 compared to 20.7. The composite score for the 2013 graduates was 21.1, compared to the 2012 graduates’ score of 21.0.

The report showed gains in the percentage of last year’s graduates who were ready for college-level coursework.

The data compares Kaneland School District to Illinois, including categories like College English Composition, with 66 percent compared to 63 percent of the state; College Algebra is 46 percent compared to 42 percent; College Biology was both 35 percent for the district and state.

Kaneland students who took Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, along with Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus, received average ACT math scores of 25.4, compared to the state average 24.1.

“It seems like we’re trending up,” School Board member Tony Valente said. “We’re still not where we need to be. It looks like we’re making some movement.”

Kaneland Board President Cheryl Krauspe spoke positively of student progress.

“We’re moving in the right direction,” she said.