Cars burglarized in Sugar Grove

By on September 6, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Police Department on Friday received several reports of vehicles in the Windstone and Black Walnut neighborhoods being burglarized.

The crimes took place sometime during the night. All of the cases reported so far have been unlocked vehicles parked in driveways. Glove compartments and consoles have been searched by the offender(s) and common items stolen have been money, GPS devices and iPods.

You can help by:
• Removing valuables from your vehicle
• Always locking your vehicle
• Calling 911 if you see or hear suspicious activity

If your vehicle has been burglarized and you have not already done so, call and make a police report. The more incident data collected, the better chance of catching the offender(s). The non-emergency number for TriCom Central Dispatch is (630) 377-0911.