Bat found in Batavia yard tests positive for rabies

By on September 7, 2013

BATAVIA—A bat recently found in a Batavia yard tested positive for rabies. There was no human exposure.

This is the first rabies-positive bat seen this year. One rabid bat was discovered last year, and one in 2011.

Bats are the most common carrier of rabies in Illinois. Rabies affects the brain and will cause unnatural behavior in mammals. Children especially should be reminded to avoid contact with wild animals that are acting unusual, such as a bat that is outside in the daytime or one that cannot fly. It is important to keep all pets—dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.—up to date with their rabies vaccinations. Not only does the vaccine protect the pet, it also serves as barrier of protection for people. Even indoor pets should be vaccinated, as illustrated by the fact that some of the bat cases are found indoors. The last human case of rabies in Illinois was reported in 1954

Information about exclusion—keeping bats from entering your home—can be found by logging on to the Illinois Department of Public Health website, health/pcbats.htm.

For information about a referral for capturing bats or for submitting specimens for testing, call Kane County Animal Control at (630) 232-3555.