First physical therapy clinic for Elburn

By on September 6, 2013

ELBURN—Accelerated Physical Therapy, located on the northeast corner of Route 47 and Route 38, is the first physical therapy clinic to open in Elburn. Rich DeCarlo, facility manager and physical therapist, said that his company, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, saw the need for a therapy clinic in Elburn.

“There are clinics on Randall Road and in Sycamore, but this will be the first therapy clinic in town,” he said.

DeCarlo was a physical therapist for 15 years with a group of orthopedic surgeons on the south side of Chicago before coming to Elburn to open Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers’ new clinic. DeCarlo is the facility’s manager and, for now, its only physical therapist, but he said that, over time, he anticipates bringing on additional therapists.

DeCarlo has a master’s degree in physical therapy from Northwestern University. He specializes in orthopedic physical therapy and sports medicine. He said that his job as a physical therapist involves helping people avoid surgery when possible, as well as helping them get back on their feet after surgery.

He also works with younger athletes, as well as older “weekend warriors.” He said the goal is to get the patients back to work, daily living or their sport.

The Elburn location, which opened in July, is one of more than 230 Accelerated Rehab Center clinics throughout the Midwest. Accelerated offers a number of physical therapy specialties at the various locations, including headache rehabilitation, hand therapy, lymphedema, vestibular and balance rehab, active release techniques and others.

DeCarlo said that, in addition to the rehabilitation component, Accelerated Rehab provides athletic training services through contracts with high schools, colleges and at the club level. Their closest contract is with Marmion Academy in Aurora.

DeCarlo said that Accelerated Rehab works to form a connection with the communities in which their centers are located. He had a booth at Elburn Days, and Accelerated Rehab was one of the sponsors of the festival’s 5k Run.

Putting patients first is one of the company’s philosophies, DeCarlo said, and he tries to schedule people for their first appointment within 24 hours. The clinic also offers free injury screenings.

DeCarlo said he is excited about the new challenge that running this new clinic will provide him. He said that Accelerated Management gives him the freedom to treat his patients in the way that he feels is best.

“It’s also a nicer commute,” he said.

DeCarlo lives in Oswego, and his wife works in St. Charles. He said they envision moving to the Elburn area at some point in the future.

For now, he is meeting with orthopedic doctors in the area, introducing them to his practice and establishing relationships with them, so that they will feel comfortable referring their patients to him. He is currently working with 12 patients.

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