Letter: Thank yous go out in Sugar Grove

By on September 20, 2013

Your blood donations were urgently needed and you responded. Thank you for donating the “gift of life.” The success of our blood drive depends on those who work so hard—the Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary, the Sugar Grove Fire Department, the Heartland Blood Center staff, and all of our volunteers.

To our awesome donors goes a special thank you: Jane Alabastro, Randi Bader, Susan Bader, Suzanne Barnhart, Emily Bingley, Kathryn Boehmer, Barb Brubacher, Judy Burscheid, Paul Carter, Sarah Chacon, Amy Curtin, Matt Curtin, Julie David, Jon Diaz, Susan Diaz, Robert Farley, Elise Fichtel, Mary Filip, Melissa Gooch, Brandon Hamblen, Lorrie Hamblen, Kevin Hames, Melissa Hames, George Hannemann, Maybelle Harshey, Dustin Hawkins, Colleen Ickes, Melinda Jackson, Doug Jorgensen, Matt Malawski, Bonnie Mateas, Michelle McCracken, Margaret Metzger, Sean Michels, Pat Morey, Kristi Niedzwiecki, Bill Perkins, Charlie Platt, Rich Rados, Stephanie Reilly, Brian Schiber, Chris Steenwyk, Jeff Steenwyk, Andrea Strobert, Colby Suits, Renee Tonioni, Stephanie Turner and Annette Wood.

We deeply appreciate those who attempted but were unable to donate blood. The next Sugar Grove blood drive is scheduled for Monday, March 3, 2014.

Joy Rubo
Blood drive coordinator
Sugar Grove