Grant allows SGPD access to all KC Law Enforcement records

By on September 22, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Police Department will now have access to law enforcement records throughout all of Kane County.

The Village Board on Tuesday agreed to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the county to share the records.

The city of Elgin received a grant that would allow for the sharing of law enforcement records with other members of law enforcement. This grant covered the initial costs of the Kane County Law Enforcement Sharing interface that will benefit every agency that decides to enter into this agreement. However, there will be an annual fee totaling to $2,400 that will be split equally amongst the four agencies who participate in this agreement.

“I wasn’t surprised Elgin took the lead. They saw that a grant was available to open it up to other amenities,” Sugar Grove Police Chief Patrick Rollins said.

Tri-City Records will be the facilitator for the sharing and receiving for all agencies who participate in the agreement. The Village Board believes that the Police Department will benefit in a huge way with having access to the Kane County law enforcement records.

“It will be great for our officers. They’ll be able to look up any record they want in Kane County, including background checks. Hopefully it will be a great tool for them that will also keep them safe,” Village President Sean Michels said.