Boosters add two new fundraisers

By on September 26, 2013

by Denise Blaszynski Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters President
A music performance is inspiring. Listening to a concert, whether it is a choir or band performance or a musical, can be exciting to students, parents and members of the community. Many are unaware of the behind-the-scenes work that is needed to create such a performance or event.

Music education has a resource considered rare among the academic disciplines: parents who are willing to donate their time and effort to support the programs and the music directors. Kaneland students are fortunate to have dedicated parents who are part of such a music education advocacy group—the Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters—as well as a supportive district administration.

Whether it’s moving the vibes and large percussion instruments on and off the field for a marching band performance, chaperoning an event or supplying food for students in a play or musical during Tech Week, parental involvement is vital to the success of a music or drama program. If a parent volunteers just once or does so a multitude of times, every moment counts. The Boosters have many volunteer opportunities for parents, and one happens to be the candy sales at our home Kaneland Knights football games. Under a canopy tent adorned with holiday lights and staffed with cheerful volunteers, you’ll find a table filled with candy and snacks just waiting to be purchased.

The Boosters realize that it’s often difficult for parents to donate their time due to work and other commitments. It can also be a challenge for the Boosters to continue to ask parents and community members to assist with and support fundraising year after year. This year, the Boosters have added two simple fundraisers, the Manna gift card program and Fundinco, which do not involve door-to-door selling or begging friends, coworkers and family members to purchase a product. These two simple fundraisers are a great way to support the band, choir and theatre programs with very little effort.

What would you say to a few extra clicks when shopping online? Recently, the Boosters discovered a great way to raise funds—the Fundinco Solution—and it’s very easy to do. For every dollar spent at, the Boosters will receive a commission on the purchase. There are no additional costs to you, no logins, and no strings attached. There are two ways to get to Fundinco: by visiting Fundinco’s website and searching for the ‘Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters,’ or finding the link on the Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters Facebook page. Once there, you’ll be launched to, where you can shop and raise funds. Make sure to add the Fundinco link to your favorites (bookmark) so that you can come back anytime you shop online and raise money for our Kaneland band, choir and theatre students.

One additional way that parents and members of the community can help the Boosters is through the Manna gift card program. Certificates and gift cards from nationally-known retailers and restaurants are available for purchase. Families, individuals and local businesses can purchase the gift cards at full face value and our Boosters will receive a percentage as our profit. You can earn money for our organization without spending anything additional. Order forms will be sent via email to parents in our distribution list or can be obtained by sending an email to

For more information on how you can help the Kaneland Performing Arts Boosters, or to learn more about the new exciting fundraising endeavors, visit our Facebook page or send an email to

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