SGVB declares ‘Kindness in Kaneland Week’

By on October 4, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday designated the week of Oct. 13-20 as Kindness in Kaneland Week to coincide the Kaneland area’s Kindness Campaign 2013.

The Kindness Campaign is supported by Knights Against Bullying and Peak for Kids, Inc. Both groups support the promoting of kind acts and deeds throughout the community as a powerful way to bring the community together.

Kindness in Kaneland Week will feature events and community interactions that celebrate acts of kindness. Leigh Ann Reusche, director of Kindness Campaign, explained the core values of the campaign and their thought process with developing the purpose of it.

“We all have the same goals for our kids. We all want them to be responsible adults, and we wanted to do something to bring our whole community together,” she said. “One thing that could bring us all together is kindness. We felt kindness was a basis that schools could grow from as well,” she said.

A number of various families and organizations are getting involved with the Kindness campaign and finding ways to collaborate with the supporters all in an effort to promote kindness. The campaign plans to spread their ideas for different acts of kindness throughout the community via newspapers, social media and community mailings.

Reusche said that the campaign was a big hit in the community among many organizations since they established it in the spring of 2013.

“Every day that passed, more and more people came and wanted to participate. Food pantries, churches, families and fire departments came. Connections are being made within these organizations,” she said.

The supporters of the campaign hope that their efforts to spread the word about kind acts within the community will help to promote more positive interactions throughout schools, homes and places of business.

Village President Sean Michels validated the cause of the campaign while declaring the Kindness in Kaneland week.

“Thirty percent of kids are involved in bullying each year, either by being bullied or bullying other kids,” he said. “One simple act of kindness can change this and build positive attitudes and communities.”