Anderson Road project bids awarded

By on October 4, 2013

ELBURN—Ground breaking for the Anderson Road bridge project should take place sometime in mid-October, now that the work has been awarded, Kane County Transportation Department Director Tom Rickert said.

Martam Construction, Inc., together with Herlihy Mid-Continent Company of Elgin, the lowest of six bidders with a quote of $14,411,649, was awarded the project.

Kane County Department of Transportation Chief of Design Paul Holcomb, the project manager for the project, said that Martam’s expertise is in roadwork, while Herlihy’s background is in bridgework.

Anderson Road will be extended from south of Keslinger Road to Route 38, including a grade separation structure (overpass) over the Union Pacific Railroad, and improvements to Keslinger Road, Hick Drive and Prairie Valley Street.

Breaking ground this fall will give it time to freeze and thaw throughout the winter, leaving it ready for construction to begin by spring, Kane County Board member Drew Frasz said. He anticipates the project to be completed by late 2014 or early spring 2015.

The Anderson Road project was part of more than $16.3 million in capital investments Gov. Pat Quinn announced this year for road construction projects in Kane County.

“These projects will extend a well-used road, separate rail and road traffic, and greatly improve transportation in Kane County,” Quinn said in a press release. “The construction projects will also employ a number of construction workers, which will help the local economy as well.”

The Illinois Department of Transportation will manage the projects. IDOT has placed the Anderson bridge project on a priority list. Kane County officials also say they consider Anderson Road to be a top priority transportation project.