Kindness in Kaneland Week activities

By on October 12, 2013

KANELAND—The following activities are scheduled to take place during KIK (Kindness in Kaneland) Week, Oct. 13-20.

KHS Peer Leadership Team
The Kaneland High School Peer Leadership Team will hand out golden tickets all week to students they see performing a Random Act of Kindness. The students can hand in the ticket for a special (top secret) prize at the end of the week.
STEP video

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, KHS Freshman STEP (Student/Teacher Enrichment Period) will include a video on kindness, with a discussion and activity to follow.

‘Pay It Forward’ with PODA
PODA (Prevention of Dangerous Acts) will kick off its “Pay It Forward” campaign on Thursday, Oct. 17, at the high school. PODA will be posting teens caught in the act of being kind on social media all year long. They will award temporary smiley face tattoos to those “caught in the act,” and they, too, will be eligible for prize drawing later in the week.

Thursday’s music selection during lunch will also have a kindness theme, compliments of PODA.

GSA (Gay, Straight Alliance)
GSA will join in the celebration of KIK week by handing out Kindness Coupons to inspire high school students to commit a random act of kindness. Students will be asked to tweet their act on Twitter and pass it on.

KHS Poms to show KIK Week support
KHS Poms on Thursday, Oct. 17, will show its support for spreading kindness by performing a special routine with Sycamore Poms during the girls volleyball games at KHS. Sycamore and Kaneland are known to be arch rivals, but will show their united message that night. Both teams will be sporting “Be Nice, Be Happy” T-shirts compliments of the Kindness Campaign. T-shirts and hoodies will be available for purchase during the game.

‘Be a Part of the Change’ at HMS
Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois’ “Be a Part of the Change” program will take place at Harter Middle School on Friday, Oct. 18. The program is open to girls in grades third through sixth.

Teen Movie Weekend at Sugar Grove Public Library
Sugar Grove Public Library will get in on the KIK Week fun with a Teen Movie Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 19-20.