Kindness Campaign honored by Kane County Board

By on October 11, 2013
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Photo: Speaker Renee Dee of Sugar Grove proclaiming Oct.13-19 2013 Kindness in Kaneland week at Tuesday’s Kane County Board meeting. Photo by Lynn Logan

GENEVA—The Kane County Board displayed a great honor to the Kindness Campaign on Tuesday, proclaiming Oct. 13-19 as Kindness in Kaneland Week. Coordinators representing the campaign were in attendance during the proclamation.

The members involved were delighted to have the Kindness Campaign recognized throughout their community.

“This is a tremendous honor for all the communities that make up Kaneland. So many individuals, businesses, community organizations, and villages have put a lot of time and effort into launching the Kindness Campaign, and the proclamation is really a testament to all of our Kindness partners. We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Leigh Ann Reusche, Kindness Campaign director.

Renee Dee, a coordinator for the Kindness Campaign and founder of PEAK for Kids, Inc., expressed a similar sentiment.

“It’s been a great honor. I can full heartedly say it’s one of the coolest things I’ve been involved with in my life,” she said.

The Kindness Campaign has grown greatly in popularity since it was established four months ago. The coordinators of the campaign didn’t expect all the support they received to happen so early on after creating the campaign. To date, they’ve received an outpouring of support and interest from over 300 Kaneland community members, organizations, businesses, and students.

“We had no idea the campaign would grow so quickly. We worked nearly a year on establishing the ground work for ‘something.’ When we went out to meet with our community leaders, we saw a generous community full of love for our youth and who were all working differently to empower them,” Reusche said.

Different organizations have showered the campaign with support in the form of donations and spreading the word about the cause. On Oct. 16, Munchie P’s in Elburn will donate 10 percent of all of their profits that day to the campaign. Also, the Sugar Grove Library has an entire display allocated for the campaign, with information on how to get involved. There are also T-shirts, bracelets, and decals for sale to help promote kindness in the community.

In addition to all the community support, the coordinators of the campaign said they are truly pleased with the effect the campaign has had on Kaneland kids, as they have established their own activities and programs out of their own interest for the cause.

“The kids understand the idea behind the campaign, which is very important. It’s our social responsibility to be nice and tolerant of others,” Dee said.