Village officials to attend Anderson Road pre-construction meeting

By on October 11, 2013

ELBURN—Village President Dave Anderson and Public Works Superintendent John Nevenhoven will meet with IDOT, KDOT, representatives from Martam Construction, Inc., etc. on Friday, Oct. 11, to make sure that everyone is on the same page on the initial details regarding the Anderson Road and bridge project.

One of the first decisions will be whether or not the farmer will harvest his corn before the ground breaking. Also a priority will be to create a plan that will allow people access to the train station during construction of the bridge.

According to Nevenhoven, Martam Construction representatives have asked about setting up a trailer and setting aside space for a construction parking lot. He said they are also interested in renting out a few offices in the Elburn Community Center.

Anderson Road will be extended from south of Keslinger Road to Route 38, including a grade separation structure (overpass) over the Union Pacific Railroad, and improvements to Keslinger Road, Hick Drive and Prairie Valley Street.

Breaking ground this fall will give it time to freeze and thaw throughout the winter, leaving it ready for construction to begin by spring.