Levy increase?

By on November 8, 2013

SG Village Board announces proposed 2013 Property Tax Levy
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday announced the village’s proposed 2013 Property Tax Levy.

Village President Sean Michels said that the village is considering raising the tax levy 2.4 percent for real estate taxes in 2013. The estimated property taxes are $1,518,162 for 2013, which is $35,461 (or 2.4 percent) above the 2012 extension amount of $1,482,701.

There were different opinions expressed by Village Board members about the proposed increase in property taxes for this year.

“I would hate to have a situation where residents are getting taxed out of their homes. I would like to find out how we could remain flat (and not increase taxes) and give the taxpayer a break,” village trustee Kevin Geary said.

Other board members discussed the potential disadvantages of not approving the proposed levy on property taxes.

“It’s a double-edged sword. If you keep it flat, you won’t have the funds for certain things. You would have to cut some services to the community,” village trustee Rick Montalto said.

Geary brought up another potential disadvantage to increasing property taxes for residents.

“The real estate tax could be as much as the principal on a house if we keep compounding. If we try to remain flat, it will force us to be more creative,” he said. “It will make us think very carefully about our budget. I would really like for us to take the lead and think about keeping the tax flat this year.”

A public hearing regarding the 2013 Property Tax Levy will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Village Hall, 10 S. Municipal Drive. The Sugar Grove Village Board is scheduled to vote on the tax levy on Tuesday, Dec. 3.