Letter: Putting in two cents on Kaneland’s proposed tax levy

By on November 21, 2013

I just wanted to put in my two cents about the tax levy proposed by the Kaneland School District. Many of us out here in the private sector have not had a raise in years, and in some cases have taken cuts in pay and benefits. Some are working multiple jobs, and in many cases, multiple part-time jobs. You, as a taxing body, cannot continue to place this burden on the backs of people who are struggling.

I hear many teachers and administrators complain about pay, lack of teaching staff and materials. We here in Kane County have some of the highest taxes in the country. Well, how about the teachers taking a pay cut, or getting rid of too many administrators.

The schools complain that they may lose teachers or have bigger class sizes. Tough. There is no need to pay a superintendent a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year. If they do not like it, get rid of them. There are many qualified people and teachers who would be more than willing to have a job for less money.

The idea of buying out someone’s contract for big money is nuts. The idea of public workers retiring at 55 is also nuts. Everyone else in the private sector is lucky to retire at ages 65-70. Go into any Walmart or Home Depot and you will see seniors working to support themselves. They are having a hard time meeting their tax bills, and in many cases, must move. Most retired private sector people who are lucky to have 401(k) plans, etc., do not get yearly raises with their retirement, while school retirees do.

I live in Elburn, and the permit costs to build a $330,000 home here is approximately $14,300. I know this because I just did it. You can build a $500,000 home in Naperville for one-third of this cost in permits. At every turn in the road, you are taxing us out of this county.

Please do not tell me about taxes going down as property values drop. Have your taxes dropped? If so, how much? The most mine have gone down in the past five years is about $20.

While I do value a good school system, you, as our representatives, must have a firm resolve to change the way this system operates. We cannot continue to carry the tax burden for a broken system.

Dan Herring