Graceffa appointed to SG Library Board

By on November 25, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Library Board on Nov. 14 appointed its newest board member: Pat Graceffa, a dedicated Sugar Grove Library Friend and longtime village resident who was a write-in candidate for a Library Board seat last April.

The board opening was made possible by Library Board member Ed DeBartolo’s move to Florida. After being granted permission by the library attorney, the current board members of the Library asked Graceffa if she would like to join the board, to which she graciously accepted their offer.

“I of course said ‘absolutely’ to their request to have me as a board member,” Graceffa said. “I have been a lifelong library supporter, and I have been involved in the Sugar Grove Library Friends since I moved here 13 years ago.”

Graceffa will be sworn in as an official board member at the Library Board meeting on Thursday, Dec. 12. After being sworn in, she will begin her duties as a board member by taking the required state test that all new board members take, completing an orientation with the Sugar Grove Library Director, and joining one of the several committees offered.

Graceffa said she is looking forward to her duties as a board member and helping with the work and plans for some of the board’s long-range projects.

“I am thrilled with my appointment to the Sugar Grove Library Board, and I promise the Library District residents that I will work hard for all of them,” she said. “The library is going in the right direction now, and we have some new board members who have brought extraordinary skills to the table.”

Graceffa said she is also dedicated to understanding the needs of the residents in regard to the selection of books and programs from the Sugar Grove Library.

“I thank our library patrons, and look forward to continuing to make sure that our library possesses the finest staff, best and most current collection, along with terrific library programs,” Graceffa said.