Valve needed to move water tower project forward

By on May 8, 2009

by Lynn Meredith
The Maple Park water tower project hit an obstacle when workers discovered that a shut-off valve was needed to allow them to drain the tank and proceed with the work.

The Village Board approved an emergency funding not to exceed $15,000 to install the shut-off valve on the water main between the water tank and the water system.

Engineers from Baxter & Woodmen said the tank must be thoroughly dry in order to paint it. It cannot be drained without shutting down the wells and cutting off water to the village. The valve would allow the tanks to be shut off and still provide water for use by residents.

“It’s important to deal with right now. There seems to be no other way that’s safe. Something has to be done sooner or later,” Water and Sewer Committee chairman Terry Borg said.