Letter: Enough already with the taxes

By on December 5, 2013

As many before me have expressed opinions and concerns about taxes for Kaneland area residents, I also would like to put my concerns out there.

My husband and I have been longtime residents of this state. We have watched the government push their lack of organization and corruption cost on “us,” the tax payers. We work hard to organize our finances so we can be self-sufficient in our old age, aka “retirement”—retirement that is a joke by itself, because most of the hardworking Americans will never be able to retire. You, the county, ask for more money! Shame on you! Before all is said and done, Kane County will be nothing but foreclosed-on homes, abandoned to rot. We are among the top highest-taxed counties in the state.

The schools are the builders of our children’s future, but lack of our School Board’s ability to budget our money is causing the system to fail. Their lack of professionalism and lack of the skills to run our children’s future education just proves we have the wrong staff in the office. House cleaning is a must in order for our money to be distributed with a budget that works.

I read a past Letter to the Editor in the Elburn Herald, challenging school administration to live with families and learn how to budget money (“bring your own food and toilet paper” was a great add-in). I applaud the person who wrote that letter. We, the American family, could show you how to handle our money with intelligence and honesty. It is so easy to mishandle money that you have not worked for; we need people who know the value of a dollar to do the budget for our schools. I know a group of families who could do a better job than what has been done in the past. I refuse to pay anymore school taxes that will be mishandled. I will vote “no.”

I feel for those who are struggling to make ends meet just to live in this county, which was their home for decades. Most of these people are on fixed incomes and struggling to keep their heads above water. They worked hard to complete the American dream, and this is being taken away from them.

Our senior citizens, along with citizens who have no children in the school system, are paying taxes for a school system that is broken. Where does all of our money go? High salaries for staff that are not manager qualified? Where does it go from here? Do you even care? I, along with many others, would like some answers now.

Barbie Stover