Kindness Campaign aims to CARE at Park District

By on December 6, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—Renee Dee, founder of Peak for Kids, will bring the Kindness Campaign to the Sugar Grove Park District before-and-after-school CARE program. Dee was recently a guest speaker at the CARE programs at John Shields Elementary School and McDole Elementary School, and she plans to visit the two Kaneland elementary schools in Elburn in the next few weeks.

Kindness Campaign 2013 is a community collaboration dedicated to encouraging and promoting acts of kindness and keeping kids connected and involved in our community. Dee recently met with Karen Pritchard at the Sugar Grove Park District about the program, and the two soon developed a plan to get the message out to the CARE children.

The Kindness Campaign message, “Be Nice, Be Happy,” is on T-shirts, stickers, postcards and table tents that Renee will bring along with her when she visits the CARE programs. She said the message is a friendly, easy and simple reminder to choose to be nice.

“Being nice to others makes them happy,” she said. “And the special secret is that being nice to others makes you happy too. It also makes you strong. Practicing being nice builds your inside muscles. Some people call these muscles your heart, spirit or soul.”

The children at CARE plan to spread this message by making rubber band bracelets with the lime green and navy colors of the Kindness Campaign. When they complete a bracelet, the children will give it away with a note to someone as an act of kindness.

The Sugar Grove Park District is located at 61 S. Main St. in Sugar Grove. For more information about the Kindness Campaign, contact Dee at (630) 466-8880 or