Elburn residents save money on electric bills

By on December 6, 2013

Village negotiates on their behalf with competitive bidders
ELBURN—Elburn residents who took advantage of an electricity savings program the village initiated in 2011 have saved an average of about $40 per month on their electricity bill during the last two years.

Elburn had been one of the first communities in the area to initiate an aggregation savings program in the spring of 2011. The village saved residents $435,000 in the first year.

When the village went out to bid again a year later and selected a two-year-term with FirstEnergy, the rate was even lower than the first year. The fixed rate of 4.72 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) is a significant savings versus the Commonwealth Edison rate, which as of November 2013, was 6.005 cents per kWh, a 21 percent reduction.

With approximately 2,200 of the 2,500 households participating in the plan, the total savings the village realized since its inception is $864,000.

Village President Dave Anderson said that residents have Village Administrator Erin Willrett to thank for their lower bills.

Willrett said in a release that all residents are welcome to join at any time by calling FirstEnergy at 1-888-651-5200, and request the Elburn fixed rate of 4.72 cents. There is no fee to join or to leave the program.

According to Willrett, those enrolled with other suppliers should check with their current supplier to determine if they are subject to an early termination fee before joining the village’s program.

The ComEd supply rate is expected to rise in June 2014 due to increased capacity charges. The Elburn rate will remain fixed through August 2014, at which time the village may again go out for bid for competitive rates.

Q: How can I confirm who my electric supplier is?
A: Look at your ComEd bill under “Electricity Supply Services.” If you are in the village’s aggregation program, your bill will state “FirstEnergy” and a rate of $0.04720. If not, you are either enrolled with another supplier or receiving the ComEd “default” rate.

Q: How will my electricity delivery service change if I sign up for the aggregate program?
A: Residents will continue to receive delivery services from ComEd, and will receive one monthly bill generated by ComEd. Outages should still be reported to ComEd.