More residents seek flooding solutions

By on May 8, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Sugar Grove residents along Maple and Snow streets are among the latest group looking to the village to resolve flooding and drainage issues in their neighborhood.

Cliff Dryer was among about a dozen residents who attended Tuesday night’s board meeting to ask for the board’s help.

Dwyer said he has raised his basement two inches to help prevent flooding in his home, yet he still has three sump pumps operating non-stop.

“My electric bill is almost double,” he said. “We need some action from the village.”

Residents noted that their problems have gotten worse since the Prairie Glen development broke ground.

When grading began for the Prairie Glen Subdivision and commercial property along Route 30, the Windham Group removed a berm and a temporary pond to the west of Dwyer’s neighborhood. Residents on Tuesday said these actions coincided with their flooding problems.

Sugar Grove Community Development Director Rich Young said the village has been working with Engineering Enterprises, Inc. to determine what Prairie Glen can do to improve the situation.

EEI’s Dave Burroughs said that his company will work with the Windham Group to remove ponding surface water on its property, which will likely help. However, he said the residents’ problems are more a result of the unusually high water table, which is a separate issue.

According to local weather reports, this has been the wettest spring in the area in more than 80 years, Burroughs said.

“This is not just an isolated situation,” Young said. “The water table is just extremely high everywhere. We get three to four calls a day.”

Mallard Point residents also have sought village help with flooding issues.