Curtis takes the reins in Maple Park

By on May 8, 2009

by Lynn Meredith
A crowd of Maple Park community members filled the meeting room at the Civic Center on Tuesday night to say goodbye to the village’s out-going village president and to welcome its new president.

Kathy Curtis was sworn in after Ross Dueringer conducted the old business on the agenda and said his thanks and goodbyes. He served the village for 19 years, first as a trustee, then on the Planning Commission and finally for the last four years as the president.

“I know I am leaving the village better than when I got here,” Dueringer said.

New trustees Debra Armstrong and Suzanne Fahnestock, along with incumbent Terry Borg, were also sworn in. They replace Erl Pederson and Kathy Curtis as trustees.

“I’m very honored to be here. I want to say thank you
to my supporters. I am proud of the work accomplished with
Ross Dueringer over the last four years. Together
with the help of the community and the board we can continue.”

New MP Village President Kathy Curtis

“New faces and ideas are a good thing.
Kathy is the new face of the leader of
Maple Park—and (hers) is a much prettier
face than mine. I wish her the best.”

Outgoing Village President Ross Dueringer

“Ross (Dueringer) and I have made a lot of
decisions together over the last 19 years.
Look around. We’ve got sidewalks and streets
… There was a lot of common sense used to
keep it going, to make it a good place
to raise a family.”

Trustee Roger Kahl