Builders in Blackberry Creek obtain reduction in fees

By on December 20, 2013

Village sees growth picking up
ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board on Monday approved a reduction in impact fees that several builders had requested for lots within the Blackberry Creek subdivision.

The Village Board earlier this year approved the fee reduction for Blackberry Creek back to 2006 levels, as a way to put the subdivision on equal footing with Shodeen’s Elburn Station development. The board retained the right to approve each request individually.

The fees are meant to cover police, public works, fire, ambulance and library services until the first property taxes for each home are paid. The lag time is between 12 and 18 months.

Shodeen developer Dave Patzelt was among those requesting the reduction in fees. Patzelt has purchased one lot in Blackberry Creek, and is in the process of buying three more.

Joe Segobiano, representing Hudson Burnam and Steve Atchison of Orleans Homes, requested the fee reduction for 45 lots. Hudson Burnam currently owns the lots, and Orleans Homes is scheduled to close on them this week, Elburn Building Commissioner Tom Brennan said.

Devin Dunn of Old Oak Homes requested the reduction in fees for one lot on Dodson Avenue.

“It’s nice to see activity out there,” Brennan said. “It’s good to hear the sounds of construction.”

Village President Dave Anderson agreed.

“My guess is that, after the beginning of the year, we’ll see even more,” he said.