Road improvements and police service main Maple Park priorities for 2014

By on January 1, 2014

MAPLE PARK—Village President Kathy Curtis recently said that the village in 2014 will continue to build on the momentum it gained last year, with the emphasis on road improvements and police service.

High on the list for 2014 is the continuation of street maintenance within the village. Additional sections of Willow and Pearl streets will be paved in the coming year—part of the ongoing initiative to improve the village’s infrastructure.

The Village Board in 2014 will review the fee structure for development, in anticipation of new growth. Curtis said she has seen empty lots being purchased around the village, and the expectation is that building will soon begin again in Maple Park.

The Maple Park Police Department will continue to increase the hours of its police force, as it has done each of the last four years. Curtis said Chief Mike Acosta’s goal is to continue to increase police presence in the village until it is a full 24-7 on-duty department.

“We have a bright future,” Curtis said of the village.