Sugar Grove sets its hopes high for 2014

By on January 1, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board’s plans and projects for 2014 could warrant huge economic growth in future years.

The board will continue to lead a hotel feasibility study in 2014, originally initiated in 2013. The citizen survey prompted the board to conduct the study after there were many requests from it to bring a hotel to town. The consulting firm the board is looking at for this study is HVS International.

There are several road projects that are underway and will continue to progress in the coming year, including the Route 47 and I-88 project. They are currently in phase I of the plans to create a full interchange on Route 47 and I-88.

“For phase I, we submit the plans to IDOT Toll Highway for review, and they tell us what to modify,” Village President Sean Michels said. “We also look at the roadway and the preliminary design of the ramps and the widening of Route 47.”

The Village Board and IDOT are also working together to find out where they need to resurface, repair and add lanes for Dugan Road and Route 30. IDOT is also conducting a study to predict the future flow of traffic along Route 47 to Route 30 to plan for future construction needs.

A two-lane roundabout is also in the mix of plans to be worked on next year. Currently, the plans to construct the roundabout would include connecting Granart Road, Bucktail Lane and Route 30 to create a four-way intersection.

Road projects aren’t the only major plans for 2014. Within the board, a new beautification committee was born from the promptings of Sugar Grove resident Shawn Pjesky at a Village Board meeting last September

“The Beautification Committee is a brand-new group comprised of three people: Shawn Pjesky, trustee Sean Herron and (myself),” trustee David Paluch said. “We visited with a member from the Geneva Beautification Committee in October to get some ideas about what/how to start this project. Since our business district is not as big as Geneva’s, we are looking at a more concentrated effort in the village.”

The new Beautification Committee is planning on focusing on Route 47 and the various subdivisions in Sugar Grove, with the intention of keeping trees in the medians looking nice, and also sprucing up strip mall areas. The committee would like to receive feedback from the businesses along Route 47 to find out what they would like improved.

The group has also discussed the idea of placing planters on the sidewalk at various strip malls, with rotating plants based on the spring, summer and fall planting and blooming schedules.

“This Beautification Committee is a long-term initiative focused on elevating and improving the overall visual appearance of high-traffic Sugar Grove areas, while providing a consistent way to plan, report and organize those efforts,” Pjesky said. “We would like to be in partnership with local businesses, village leadership and community volunteers. Dedicated residents can volunteer to work on planned projects all the while helping to make a positive difference within Sugar Grove.”

In addition to programs to implement road improvement, increase economic development and beautify the town, the board is also continuing its project to implement fiber optics from Kaneland Harter Middle School to the Sugar Grove Public Library, Fire Protection District and Village Hall.

Michels remarked that the village does not have a precise completion date for this project, but it has made good progress this year.

“Once this project is completed, we would like to make the fiber optics available to businesses. It will reduce operation costs and streamline our technologies,” Michels said.