Off-roading at McDole CARE

By on January 10, 2014

Montgomery—“Climb big rocks, go up steep hills and get muddy.”

That doesn’t sound like something a parent would encourage his or her children to do, but that is exactly what Bryan Adams tells his children.

Adams is an off-roader. He is a member of a fast-growing club called Chicagoland Dirty Deltas Jeep Club. The club started just two years ago with nine members and, at last count, has 440 off-roading enthusiasts. According to Adams, the off-roaders like their rides bumpy, rocky and muddy. In fact, the rougher the road, the better.

Adams and four other members of the Chicagoland Dirty Deltas Jeep Club recently shared their passion for off-roading with the children of the Sugar Grove Park District CARE program during a special presentation at Kaneland McDole Elementary School in Montgomery. Adams’ children, Addie and Riley, attend the CARE program.

Mike Faltz, Caitlin Mate, Ryan Coleman, Pete Kovaevic and Adams all drove their Jeeps to the school so that the children could see how these vehicles are different from a typical car. The children learned words like “skid plates,” “roll cages,” “snorkels,” “hydraulics” and “winches.” They were treated to a slide presentation and a video showing Jeep owners tackling all sorts of challenges from climbing steep terrain to driving through a huge culvert.

The club members said they try to get together monthly to off-road. Sometimes, Faltz even hosts events on his farm. To see what off-roading is all about, check out Mike’s YouTube video titled “Fun at the Farm with the Dirty Deltas.”

The children at CARE learned a lot about the sport of off-roading. They also learned that getting a little bit dirty is all part of the fun for kids of any age.