Harsh winter affects village salt supply

By on January 24, 2014

ELBURN—High winds, cold temperatures and lots of snow are depleting Elburn’s supply of salt, and salt already ordered has been slow to arrive.

According to Public Works Superintendent John Nevenhoven, the village has already used more than 300 tons of salt. During a normal year, the village uses about 425 tons for the entire season.

There was some salt left over from last winter, he said. This year, the village has received 280 tons from its supplier, Cargil, and had been waiting for an additional 50 tons, ordered on Dec. 2, that finally arrived a few days ago. Another 150 tons was ordered on Jan. 10, but the company has been weeks behind on its deliveries.

Nevenhoven said the Public Works employees have been judicious about their use of the salt, focusing on the intersections, where drivers need to be able to stop safely.

When asked if he thought the village would run out of salt, he said he could not predict the future.

“Tell me what the weather is going to be for the next six weeks,” he said. “It’s all weather dependent.”

However, he said that this is his sixth winter with the village, and they have not run out yet.

Snow removal has also been challenging, with more snow than there is at times space in which to pile it.

“We use a front-end loader and push it back as much as we can,” he said. “It’s important to keep the sight lines open.”