Maple Park discusses subdivision concern

By on February 14, 2014

MAPLE PARK—The Maple Park Village Board on Feb. 4 discussed an issue with the longstanding plans for the Squire’s Crossing subdivision.

The property owner’s representative has asked the board to provide him with a due date for completing improvements on the road through the development, which will connect the village from the north to the south.

The concern is that there will be construction traffic that may tear up the road if property owners lay the finishing coat too early. A due date was not decided, as board members wanted to conduct more research on the matter.

The board also discussed the status of Village Engineer Jeremy Lin’s research for repairing the water main leak under Liberty Street and Willow Street. Lin is attempting to finalize a lower cost proposal for the repairs. He reported to the board that the previous proposal was $30,000 but he believes that a proposal of $20,000 is more realistic.