Letter: Supporting Cosimo for 50th State Representative

By on February 20, 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to share our choice for the upcoming election in the 50th State Representative race and to ask for your support for Dr. Julie Cosimo for this seat.

We have personally known Julie for many years. Furthermore, we can attest to her abilities, and are confident that she is the best person to serve the constituents of the 50th District. At this time, we would like to share some personal information about her that is important for you to know regarding her credentials.

Julie earned her doctorate degree in higher education and organizational change from Benedictine University, and currently serves as director of Career Development and Lecturer at the university. In her role, she sees the challenges facing job seekers as they try to enter the workforce. She works closely with employers to learn what is important to them when hiring for an open position and shares this information with those she serves—therefore, creating job opportunities and bridging the needs of the employer with the strengths of the job seekers. She is also the only candidate in this race that has extensive education experience. As a legislator, she will be dedicated to education reform, job creation and improving our communities. This is an asset which Springfield desperately needs.

Prior to entering the academic world, Julie founded and ran a small business. Because of this, she fully understands the many challenges businesses encounter on a daily basis and how regulations and the cost of doing business in Illinois negatively impact companies in our state.

She is not a career politician and believes in term limits. Julie knows that going to Springfield to represent the constitutions of the 50th is a full-time job, and once elected will leave her position at Benedictine University to serve those of us living in the 50th District.

What could be better than to have a full-time doctor in the House? As we all know, Illinois is sick.

Vote Dr. Julia Cosimo for the 50th State Representative on March 18.

Jim and Colleen MacRunnels