Letter: A thank you to Between Friends Food Pantry volunteers

By on February 20, 2014

Many times Melisa Taylor, the founding mother of the Between Friends Food Pantry, has expressed her gratitude and love for all the volunteers. “Without volunteers, the pantry would close,” Taylor has often said.

But we all must give a big thanks to EEI for providing warehouse space for the pantry. The volunteers who are selfless and would rather remain behind the scenes need to know that they are part of a strong pantry family. People like Melisa, Judy, Julie 1, Julie 2, Julie 3, Fay, Mary, Diane, JoJo, Marty, Denise 1, Denise 2, Old Joe, John, Dan, Big Joe, Dean, Jim, Freddie, Rich, Danille, Madison, Sammie, and the great middle school and high school young people who give their time to the pantry and the food drives.

This winter has been a challenge for all of us. However, the Between Friends Food Pantry has had additional challenges to keep our clients out of the cold while waiting their turn in the pantry. So we created a “drive thru” system in order to get food and supplies to the clients during the sub-zero weather. A special “thanks” to the guys who ran food bags out to the client’s cars.

We especially need to thank the community and citizens for their generous donations that help out the pantry immensely. Through your efforts, needy families in the area are able to make it for another week.

Karen McCannon
Sugar Grove