Elburn holds hearing on application for benefits

By on February 21, 2014

Elburn Village Board on Tuesday held a Public Hearing regarding former police officer Steven Furlan’s application for benefits related to an injury sustained while on duty in December 2008.

Furlan was performing a safety check at the Elburn Lions Club building when he fell on a patch of ice and hit his head. His physician, as well as three additional physicians chosen by the pension board, has determined that, Furlan is now unable to perform his duties as a police officer due to that incident. Furlan was awarded a duty-related disability pension by the pension board, and is currently requesting for further benefits under the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act.

Elburn Village Attorney Bob Britz said that the standard for approving a disability pension is different from that needed for benefits under the public safety act. The benefits he would be entitled to under this act would be payment of medical benefits for himself and his wife, as well as for any dependent children.

The board asked for a copy of an 89-page transcript of the pension board’s hearing and findings, to review prior to any further discussion of Furlan’s case.