Letter: In support of Wegman

By on February 28, 2014

I recently received a mailer from Mark Davoust, candidate for Kane County Clerk, stating that if elected, he would propose to consolidate the Recorder’s Office with the Clerk’s Office to save the taxpayers money. If he were serious in that endeavor, he would have already done this, as it is the County Board who decides to bring up the issue.

I would like to address my observations on this matter, since a 10-year veteran of the County Board apparently doesn’t understand budgetary matters.

The Recorder’s Office generates revenue for the county, including GIS and the state. The Kane County Recorder’s Office is not part of the county tax levy. While the Recorder’s Office is probably the most efficient office in the county, coming in under budget each year, the Recorder’s Office is self-sufficient, relying only on user fees that are generated when documents are recorded. Everyone pays taxes, but user fees are paid only by those who use the services (record documents).

Additionally, as we have seen, county department heads and/or managers are more highly compensated than elected officials—in some cases by as much as $50,000—and who are appointed and not elected by the public.

In summary, Sandy Wegman, recorder, is fiscally responsible and does a great job managing the office. This appears to be more of an election gimmick than a good faith effort.

Don Fraas
West Dundee, Ill.