Letter: Judge candidate Kostelny a poor choice

By on March 6, 2014

Candidate for judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit, 3rd Subcircuit, Marmarie Kostelny has little to offer the taxpayers of Kane County.

As an appointed associate judge, she has had simple decisions in family court appealed and reversed, costing taxpayers and wasting resources. In her current role as a judge in drug court, she seizes every opportunity for a photo-op with B-grade TV celebrities, using her position for blatant self-promotion.

And while she emphasizes her drug court success stories, her opponent, D. J. Tegeler, helped write the drug court rules and regulations, so Associate Judge Kostelny owes all of her success to her opponent. And the fact that her supporters and contributors are primarily the same attorneys who would appear before her in court reeks of cronyism.

An elected circuit judge needs a background in budgets, staffing, management and leadership, not a resume short on accomplishments and transparency. D.J. Tegeler is an accomplished businessman, attorney and elected county officeholder. Most importantly, he lives in the 3rd Subcircuit and is neighbors with those who would rely on his expertise.

Vote for Mr. Tegeler instead of a political appointee without the experience, qualifications, temperament or results demanded by taxpayers.

Thomas E. Doyle


  1. Bruce Steinberg

    March 13, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    In response to Mr. Thomas Doyle. In Judge Kostelny’s career as a judge her name has only been attached to two appeals. Most recently a 2014 decision affirming her ruling convicted a man of dealing drugs. The only other one – just one – is a divorce case, Kane County Case No. 2005D1538, appellate decision No. 973 N.E.2d 474. The appellate court reversed on two points dealing with guardian ad litem orders entered on March 27, 2009, and on March 11, 2011. In BOTH instances, she was NOT the judge on the case. Other judges’ decisions were reversed, not Judge Kostelny’s. This information, sadly, was available to you through public records easily found online at home, at the clerk’s office, or at the Law Library, long before you sent your very public, and factually false letter.

    Judge Kostelny does not self-promote with celebrities. Anyone who knows her knows she asks of others before ever mentioning anything about herself. Actors Martin Sheen and Matthew Perry host, with their hearts and souls, drug court seminars and legislative initiatives to help deal with the scourge of heroin and other harmful drugs, and she has attended, as do a majority of drug court judges throughout the USA in order to keep informed on legislation and funding.

    As to your inference that appointment to associate judge is some sort of bad thing, BOTH candidates have applied for the associate position of judge, and it was Judge Kostelny who was selected out of many qualified candidates.

    As to your drug court claims, there were NO rules and regulations written. The documents actually created were not rules and regulations but an application form and a contract form for the enrolling participants, going over rights and obligations and program details. The involved committee working on these documents included about 14 regular attendees, including judges, private attorneys and public defenders, as well as prosecutors, and it was an assistant public defender who primarily wrote these documents, as most of the drug court participants are represented ably by that office. Unfortunately, over the years, these documents have proven overly long, repetitive, and confusing for participants dealing with drug addiction, and it is Judge Kostelny who has undertaken the task to simplify and improve these cumbersome documents.

    Your use of “cronyism” is confused with the fact that whether Judge Kostelny has been assigned to a civil court like divorce in which parties are often at heated odds, or criminal court, in which prosecutors and defense attorneys are at inherent opposite sides of the case, Judge Kostelny is mutually respected and admired by both sides, most of whom do not contribute at all to either candidate.

    Support your candidate, as is your right, but please don’t do so using the sort of politics the public has long grown tired of.

  2. Taxpayer

    March 16, 2014 at 11:32 AM

    The public deserves better than Mr. Steinberg’s attempt to massage the statements made by Mr. Doyle. His statement regarding rules and regulations in Drug Court is a simple manipulation of facts. It is a fact that Mr. Tegeler did indeed sit on the committee making rules and regulations for Drug Court. His claim that appointed judge Kostelny has done something (he doesn’t say what) to “simplify” these rules is a mystery. A mystery as in, share what she has done with the voting public, because it appears to taxpayers and voters she has done nothing but have photographs taken. And, simple question: why wasn’t Kostelny part of the committee that you deride?

    Mr. Stenberg, the public has grown tired of incompetence foisted on us in the form of another candidate drinking at the public trough. You bring up Kostelny’s experience-I ask why no one ever heard of her until she decided to continue to get a paycheck issued by the voters? What has she accomplished in 7 years? Her resume is hardly an example of what she has accomplished-it is an example of diversion and duplicity.

    Mr. Steinberg, the word “crony” means “close friend or companion,” it does not mean court combatants. I refuse to have attorneys, those who would benefit the most from cronyism, dictate and manipulate this election. I would rather have a fresh face and new ideas than the same old school network of poly sci majors with a law degree. Voters are smarter than you give us credit for. Vote NO to Kostelny.

  3. Bruce Steinberg

    March 17, 2014 at 10:50 AM

    Dear “Taxpayer”. Both Mr. Doyle and I at least left our real names to our comments and your “massage” word choice makes no sense. When I asserted Mr. Doyle’s claims about Judge Kostelny’s record on appeal were false, and verifiably so, I presented not only my statement, but also citations so people can see for themselves, not to simply trust me. Yes, your candidate did “sit” on the committee, as did I and about 12 others. But no one is apparently grabbing singular credit but for your candidate. Nor is anyone saying any drug court judge is successful in drug court simply because of a participant’s application form – but apparently for your candidate, or you on his behalf. The forms created are over eight pages long, filled with repetition, such as consequences for relapse, and rights, such as rights to a hearing. The process is ongoing now to rewrite these, seeking to reduce the 8-page document to 4 pages or less, that is precise and coherent for the participants. The public can see the current 8-page application form in courtroom 123. The committee itself met in 2005, a year before Judge Kostelny was appointed judge out of over 50 candidates, including your candidate. At that time, she was often working as Guardian Ad Litem, working for the best interests of children in abuse and neglect cases, as well as divorce, as well as working on the Kane County Kids Program to help children coping with divorcing parents. All of this is information readily available to you at the courthouse you seemed so concerned about. Your language is unfortunate, Taxpayer, and I won’t lower myself to them.

    You write generalities and assumptions that try to be self-proving but are clearly without proof or citation to proof, under an assumed name. Court clerks, security officers, court reporters, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the civil attorneys who have appeared before her over 7 years, and know her work spanning another 20 years or so, have nothing but the highest praise for Judge Kostelny’s knowledge of the law and work ethic.

    Anonymous postings, general accusations without independent support, personal attacks – the very thing the public does not want – is you have now done for the sake of your candidate. Good luck with that.

  4. Taxpayer

    March 19, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    Thank you, Bruce, I accept your congratulations that my candidate, the honest, unbiased, well-educated businessman/attorney DJ Tegeler won the primary, and will soon be JUDGE TEGELER. Your candidate, the appointed, biased and arrogant judge Kostelny will soon be back representing traffic court scofflaws in private practice.

  5. Bruce Steinberg

    March 19, 2014 at 3:43 PM

    The voters of the 3d subcircuit have spoken and Attorney DJ Tegeler, unopposed in the general election, will become Judge Tegeler this fall. I do congratulate Judge Tegeler. I have every confidence he will do well as a judge wherever the Chief Judge assigns him just as Judge Kostelny will continue on as one of Kane County’s most respected judges for years to come.

    The primary is over. Good luck to both Judge Kostelny and soon-to-be Judge Tegeler, as well as to Judge Hallock, who also won his primary election.