Sugar Grove discusses General Fund

By on March 7, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—After several months of a harsh winter, the Sugar Grove Village Board has found that it’s over the estimated budget for several departments, including Public Works department, Streets, and Building and Maintenance departments.

The Village Board on Tuesday discussed the details of the General Fund.

“Back in November we were expecting to have a surplus of $100,000, but with all the expenses we’ve had with snow removal and road work, we are thinking our surplus will be $12,000,” Village President, Sean Michels said.

According to Michels, the Village Board will focus on paying for overtime in Public Works and not spending as much in other departments. The village is currently over budget on salt, as well, and will need to defer other expenses.

In regard to the village’s expenses for snow removal and related costs, it had projected to spend $170,000 in salt for this winter. The actual cost for salt this year was $200,000. The extra $30,000 in salt expenses is a testament to how much snow has fallen this winter.

Overtime expenses for Public Works was exceeded, as well. The village had originally projected to spend $10,000 in overtime, but that cost is now up to $35,000. With salt and overtime expenses, the village has a total of $55,000 over its projected budget.