Clinton’s weekend a triple threat

By on March 13, 2014
victoria Bike

SARASOTA, FLA.—In her first international triathlon in nine months, Kaneland junior Victoria Clinton acclimated herself well.

Under the ITU Triathlon banner, Clinton, the 2012 Class AA Individual State cross-country champion, finished 26th overall in Sarasota, Fla., as part of the 2014 Sarasota PATCO Triathlon Junior North American Championships.

“I’ll definitely take it as a positive,” Clinton said. “It was good to be back in competition.”

The Junior Women category saw Clinton finish the swimming, biking and running competition in 1:05:03, seven seconds behind Canada’s Holly Henry. Clinton did manage to eclipse fellow American Haele Jasen by 14 seconds. American Stephanie Jenks took the entire 57-person field in 59:57.

Clinton, whose last triathlon stop was Brazil in June 2013, finished the swim portion in 11 minutes, the bike portion in 32:08 and the running portion in 20:35. Her output bested her Brazil time by two minutes, 21 seconds.

“It was pretty tough to get back in there after being indoors, it was good to be back on the bike outside,” Clinton said. “I think my overall race was pretty good.”

Jon Lorenz of MMTT, Clinton’s triathlon group, thinks it was a good first step back.

“(It’s) probably not the result Victoria wanted, but given how early it is in the season, not a bad finish,” Lorenz said.

“It’s my first race back and I know what I need to work on,” Clinton said.

Meanwhile, Clinton continues to prepare for Lady Knights outdoor track season, She also has qualified for the Team USA triathlon group based on last year’s rankings and plans to race in Monterrey, Mexico in May for a spot in August’s Youth Olympic Games in China.

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