Letter: Choice in judge’s race should be based on facts, experience

By on March 13, 2014

The letter from Thomas Doyle regarding Judge Marmarie Kostelny published in the March 6, 2014, edition of the Elburn Herald contains several inaccurate and misleading statements.

Judge Kostelny is a candidate seeking the Republican nomination in the March 18 primary for Circuit Judge in the 3rd Subcircuit in Kane County. Mr. Doyle’s comments are an ill-conceived attack calculated to support Judge Kostelny’s opponent, Geneva defense attorney Donald (D.J.) Tegeler. However, Mr. Doyle’s false statements have no place in this election. We write to set the record straight.

First, Mr. Doyle asserts that Mr. Tegeler brings something unique to the contest because he lives in the 3rd Subcircuit. Actually, Judge Kostelny has been a resident of her community in Elgin that is within the 3rd subcircuit since 1994. Mr. Tegeler has been a resident of Mill Creek since only 2003. Mr. Doyle’s attempt to create the false impression that only Tegeler lives in the subcircuit is simply wrong.

Mr. Doyle also claims that as a Family Court judge “she has had simple decisions reversed.” This statement is utterly false. During her nearly four-year assignment to the Family Court, Judge Kostelny presided over hundreds of cases. Yet, only one of those cases was reversed and for reasons not connected to any ruling or finding of Judge Kostelny’s. It is reprehensible that Mr. Doyle would attempt to distort Judge Kostelny’s impeccable judicial record in this manner.

Mr. Doyle also proclaims that Mr. Tegeler “wrote” the drug court rules and regulations. He did not. He served on a committee that was responsible for their drafting.

Finally, Mr. Doyle claims that a circuit judge needs a background in budgets, staffing, management and leadership. This reveals that Mr. Doyle actually has no idea what a circuit judge’s duties and responsibilities are. In the 16th Circuit, the Chief Judge and the Court Administrator are the only members of the judiciary involved in such matters. If Mr. Doyle is basing his choice in this election on those criteria, then his candidate, Mr. Tegeler, is running for the wrong office.

Voters should consider Judge Kostelny’s experience serving as an associate judge for the last seven years (Mr. Tegeler has never served as a judge or an arbitrator). They should also consider the fact that Judge Kostelny received higher ratings in every category and higher recommendations from both the Illinois Bar Association and the Kane County Bar Association than her opponent. The non-partisan views of these organizations and the facts, not Mr. Doyle’s false and uninformed views, should guide voters in making their choice in this election.

Peter Storm
Citizens to Elect Judge Marmarie Kostelny


  1. Taxpayer

    March 16, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    Let’s take a look at Mr. Storm’s response. He implies Mr. Doyle presented falsehoods, yet confirms all of Mr. Doyle’s statements. Mr. Tegeler lives in the sub-circuit he would serve, FACT. Appointed, not elected, Associate Judge Kostelny had a simple ruling in Family Court reversed. CONFIRMED by Mr. Storm. Mr. Tegeler sat on a committee that wrote drug court rules and regulations. CONFIRMED by Mr. Storm. Finally, Mr. Storm states that his candidate does not need a background in budgets, staffing, management and leadership. Well Mr. Storm, maybe in your make-believe world you will vote for a candidate without such a background. Not me. The judge is held responsible to taxpayers for her decisions, and how it impacts my pocketbook. If she’s not a leader with practical business experience, she doesn’t get my vote, nor the votes of Kane County taxpayers.

    Taxpayers and voters, DO NOT be misled by the twisted logic of an attorney, a profession that makes a living on innuendo and twisted logic. Show Mr. Storm we want more than a political appointee looking for a free ride. Vote NO to Kostelny!

  2. Taxpayer

    March 16, 2014 at 12:07 PM

    Mr. Storm, I believe your statement that Mr. Tegeler has only lived in the Subcurcuit since 2003 is a reprehensible misstatement with a goal of misleading voters. From a blog supporting Mr. Tegeler:

    “In addition, D. J. has lived in the Third Subcircuit for that same 24 years and there’s something to be said for having an implicit understanding of the folks you hope to serve.” That’s 24 years. That’s since 1990.

    Voters, do not be mislead by a blatant, reprehensible attempt to mislead, done by a blind, misguided supporter of Kostelny. And an attorney. And someone who stands to gain if she should be elected. All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, Mr. Storm. Not even a nice try on your attempt to deceive.

  3. Bruce Steinberg

    March 17, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    It is the desire of the public to remove negative campaigning from political races. In this regard, how would any one of us feel about being publicly put down by a person keeping himself / herself anonymous? In this regard, what does one say about the actions of a person who levels false, public accusations and angry, false generalities against a fellow human being under an anonymous name?

    By the way, and as an example, the supposedly “reversed case” was Kane County Case No. 2005D1538, appellate decision No. 973 N.E.2d 474. The two reversed issues in this case spanning several years were decisions of other judges; ALL of Judge Kostelny’s rulings were affirmed by the Appellate Court.

  4. Taxpayer

    March 19, 2014 at 9:35 AM

    Gosh, Mr. Steinberg, you use the word “false” in making accusations, but wasn’t it Mr. Storm who made a false accusation regarding JUDGE TEGELER’s residency? It’s not negative campaigning we are tired of, it is the lack of transparency on the part of candidates that voters can’t stand. It is the innuendo and misdirection of Kostelny’s campaign, which was designed to shield her from any real questions about her party affiliation and bias exhibited while on the bench that we, the voters, despised. It is a 7-year record of complete non-accomplishment that voters recognized.

    I would hope Kostelny will now resign, because she will NEVER be reappointed. And I would hope you will join me in congratulating DJ Tegeler as ELECTED JUDGE!

  5. Bruce Steinberg

    March 19, 2014 at 3:55 PM

    The primary voting is now over, and attorney DJ Tegeler, unopposed in the general election, will become Judge Tegeler this coming fall.

    Congratulations to him. There is every expectation that he will work hard and do well wherever the Chief judge assigns him. Congratulations too, to Judge Kostelny, who has earned the admiration of attorneys from both sides of legal debates, fellow judges, both elected and appointed, as well as of all the staff in our court system. No doubt both Judge Kostelny and Judge Tegeler will work together with the rest of the judges to provide our community with a quality judiciary.