Letter: Vote for Jack Cunningham

By on March 13, 2014

Jack Cunningham has demonstrated that he is serious and experienced, and works in a collaborative manner to solve county problems for the benefit of Kane County citizens.

My family and I will enthusiastically vote for Jack Cunningham again this year, because he has brought in millions of dollars of state and federal grant revenue to offset the cost of voting machines that otherwise would have fallen on county taxpayers.

On the expenditure side, it has been a pleasure to work cooperatively with Jack and his staff to live within our current county property tax freeze without asking property taxpayers for one penny more in the past three years.

Jack Cunningham also shows that experience on the job and creativity in addressing seemingly impossible problems can solve really thorny matters. When I ran out of alternatives to address the coroner’s 20 percent over-spending challenge, it was Jack Cunningham who deftly managed a totally different perspective and came to a reasonable compromise that was unanimously supported by the County Board,
the coroner and me.

However, my experience with Jack’s challenger, who is a long-term incumbent on the County Board, has been that he does not support the unconditional property tax levy freeze for the county and forest preserve; voted in committee for an increase in property taxes in 2014 for the forest preserve; voted for seven years of cumulative 49 percent percent property tax levy increases; released job-applicant-sensitive personnel information with Social Security numbers not redacted to 23 other County Board members; and generally adopts a contrarian and adversarial stance without productive purpose.

I applaud Jack Cunningham’s dedication to constituent service, and ask you to join me in voting for him on March 18.

Christopher Lauzen
Kane County Board Chairman