Letter: A letter to 50th District voters

By on March 13, 2014

I would like to clear the record about my support in the race for State Representative in the 50th District. I have known Keith Wheeler and his family for many, many years, and hold them in the highest regard.

When Keith Wheeler asked me to get involved in the Republican Party when he was running for Kendall County Republican Chairman, I didn’t hesitate to support Keith.

When Keith Wheeler helped to form the Kendall County Salute to Veterans, I was honored to participate, and I appreciate his support for local veterans.

When Keith Wheeler ran for State Representative four years ago, I was his very first financial contributor and I was a strong supporter of his candidacy.

Since Keith’s previous run for office, my wife, Helen, and I moved to Pingree Grove in Kane County, and we don’t see Keith and his family as often as we have in the past. That hasn’t changed our support for Keith.

In this current race, despite mail sent by another campaign, I want it to be clear that Helen and I are still enthusiastically supporting Keith Wheeler for State Representative in the 50th District.

Col. Richard Rockenbach,
USMC (retired)
Pingree Grove