Letter: An endorsement of Bill Lenert

By on March 13, 2014

My wife Sarah and I came home Friday night after stopping for dinner at the Sugar Grove American Legion Fish Fry, and read the Elburn Herald, as we do every week.

The most interesting article to me was the discussion of qualifications for County Board in southwestern Kane County. Bill Lenert stayed focused on only his positive attributes. Unfortunately, his opponent couldn’t help campaigning negatively against Bill by accusing him of “being my childhood friend,” donating to my campaigns, having me as one of his insurance clients, then reached for a self-serving, negative, and inaccurate conclusion that “… he will likely follow (Chris’) lead in any issue and vote as told to”.

Allow me to clear the air, avoid complaining about his political opponent and stay focused on Bill Lenert’s positive qualities.

First, Bill Lenert is a dear friend of mine—guilty as charged. That’s because he demonstrates every day all the best qualities of honesty, competence, hard work and patience that I aspire to.

Second, I am grateful that Bill and his family have supported my work on your behalf for 20 years in the Illinois State Senate.

And just as Bill selected the best accountant available when I did his bookkeeping and taxes, I selected the best insurance agent available when Bill insured our home, vehicles and family’s future.

Only from one side in a political campaign can “friendship,” “mutual support” and “sound business judgement” be called anything other than positive.

Finally, I am delighted, proud and grateful for the good and productive relationship that Bill Lenert and I have built over a lifetime. We have served on several boards together—sometimes he’s chairman and sometimes I am. We agree 80 percent of the time, try to respectfully persuade each other when we don’t agree, and both of us work hard to do our best always.

Bill Lenert is just one of the finest people I know. Please cast one of the best votes you’ll ever make by electing him to the Kane County Board.

Christopher J. Lauzen
Kane County Board Chairman


  1. Robert D

    March 14, 2014 at 7:41 AM

    What Mr. Lauzen fails to mention is that he becomes visably miffed when county board members respectfully request information or seek to ask questions involving county spending. Obviously with the choice of a friend he removes some of this angst.

    Mr. Lenert’s son works in the firm representing the county board. This is an important consideration which this letter fails to detail.

    If Mr. Lauzen chooses to give contracts to personal friends that is his choice. We are reminded however that he ran on a no cronyism or hiring friends pledge. Hiring family friends or promoting their candidacy seems to be in direct conflict with this pledge. Ms. Taylor brings no conflicts to the position.

  2. Robert D

    March 14, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    Someone just informed me that Friday at the American Legion fish fry Melisa Taylor’s vehicle was vandalized by a technique called “keying.”

    She filled out a police report but Taylor chose not to turn it into a campaign issue. That does not sound like negative campaigning when she chose not to speak about it now.

    Mr. Lauzen’s accusations fall far short on accuracy.

    There are witnesses to the Chairman chastising another female board member for not rubber stamping one of his hiring choices immediately following a vote.

    Ms. Taylor’s independence is a positive in this race.