Letter: An explanation of Electric Aggregation Referendum

By on March 13, 2014

On March 18, the residents of unincorporated Kane County will have an opportunity to vote on the Kane County Electric Aggregation Referendum. This referendum, if passed, will allow the Kane County Board to potentially secure cheaper electricity for residential and small commercial users within unincorporated Kane County.

As a member of the Kane County Board, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look for ways to save you money. The referendum simply gives the county the right to solicit competitive bids. Once the bids are received, then the County Board will decide if it is in the best interest of the residents in unincorporated Kane County to move to the lower supplier. If not, all county unincorporated residents will remain with ComEd for the following 12 months.

Also, there will be no change to your billing. ComEd will continue to send your monthly bill. They will still deliver the electricity and you will still call ComEd for service and outages. You will not be required to participate in the new program. Every unincorporated resident who does not already have an alternate supplier will receive a letter with the opportunity to “opt out” of the new program at no cost to them. If ComEd’s rate is less expensive than the lowest-quoted electric supplier, ComEd will remain the electric supplier.

I believe this electric aggregation program will save you money. I hope you will get out and vote on March 18.

Christopher J. Lauzen
Kane County Board Chairman
Drew Frasz
Kane County Board Representative, District 18
Barb Wojnicki
Kane County Board Representative, District 15