New cable ordinance lays down rules

By on May 14, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Sugar Grove Trustee Kevin Geary wants to make sure that any new cable ordinance includes strong remedial measures should the cable company not meet the village’s requirements.

“Our residents are tired of being jerked around by the cable company,” Geary said.

The Village Board at the May 5 Committee of the Whole meeting reviewed a cable franchise ordinance for new cable companies wishing to locate in Sugar Grove.

Separate from the agreement the village negotiated with Mediacom, the village’s main cable provider, the ordinance spells out standards for current and anticipated technical, facility, procedural and operational, franchise and customer service issues. Also included in the ordinance are recommendations gathered from a customer survey and a community-wide village meeting regarding Mediacom services.

“The survey showed that people are not happy with their Mediacom service,” Sugar Grove Finance Director Justin VanVooren said.

Village staff will meet with Media Com representatives on Thursday, May 21, to discuss problems and issues residents would like to have resolved prior to the renewal of the Mediacom’s contract with the village later this year.

The village has been working with Municipal Services Associates (MSA) to create the ordinance, as well as to draft the new agreement with Mediacom.

MSA Stuart Chapman assured Geary that the ordinance included stiff fines for unresolved issues and a process to deal with unresolved violations.