Kaneville talks road repairs

By on March 27, 2014

KANEVILLE—Kaneville Village Board members on March 20 discussed plans for road repairs in town. The township plans to repair Lovell and Merrill roads, potentially with an intergovernmental agreement to help with the cost of the road work.

Board member Carl Hauser presented two separate bids—The first detailed intensive repairs, and the second outlined a slightly less intense plan.

“It depends on how much we want to spend, and what we really want done here,” Hauser said.

The Village Board also voted down a resolution that was presented to it last month regarding the county’s plans to build a raised overpass at the railroad tracks on Route 30 and Granart Road.

The resolution mainly concerns the town of Big Rock, whose emergency vehicles have experienced problems at the intersection. Kaneville’s support is not necessary for the initiative’s implementation.